Fraser Island

A country known for sports, happening night life, beaches, sand, mangroves and people who just love rock all the time; that country is none other than Australia. Well known for the boom of professional accountancy field and financial careers not only restricted to leisure attitude but also for amazing sightseeing and tourist spots. Talking about tourism and tourist attraction brings us to a name of an island situated in Australia and so well knows that labeled as the largest sand island in the world.

Located in the heart of the scenic atmosphere of Australia Fraser island is the must go destination for all the tourist especially for the couples, those who love to face the sunshine and enjoy the hot sand with a cold drink ‘Fraser island’ is a good news for them, nature and all its glory get doubled as it is world’s largest sand island. Usually known as the island of miracles as, it’s a place where rainforests grows directly on sand, genesis can be tracked back to the ice age, when initially the actual sand from the land of New south Wales were cluttered around the shore of Queensland. Presently, Fraser Island consists of approx. more than 150,000 hectare of previous sand which attracts more than half a million of tourists every year. There are some amazing facts related to the Fraser Island among which one of the most interesting fact is, 5000 years before aboriginal Australians reached the legendary Island and that was the time when Fraser Island was known as K’gari or Paradise. And there is a long story too related to these aboriginals. Go right here to find out more details.

Actually the name derived on the name of a survivor, who actually survived in a ship wrecked “ Eliza Fraser”, surprisingly this 75 mile beach contains both facilities of a landing strip and a highway. Like mentioned before they call it the island of miracles as well, salt water crocodiles have been found too on the same island, south east Asian seafearers inducted dingoes to the island early in 5000 years before. Moreover, 354 species of birds have been also found on the island. One thing which make this island even more center of attraction is a secret that this island was a sleeper training base for allied soldiers during the world war II, sight seeing is even more catchy on Fraser Island as 23 ship wrecks are recorded on this island, the famous Maheno wreck can be witnessed even Today on the same lsland. Ofcourse after so many miracles and catchy stories and facts of Fraser Island, it has been ranked (as per public voting) on 7th must see places (among beaches) in the world by National Geographic.

Folks! Why wait grab your bag and plan something fantastic on day trips in Whitsundays. Holiday on a beach and no beach better than Fraser Island of Australia.