Exclusively For Thailand: Basic Etiquette

Thailand is a country with a lot of traditions and customs that differ from the Western world. It’s a land of hospitality and friendliness. Some basic etiquette of this country are worth knowing before visiting the place. The human face plays a major role. Showing anger and losing your temper in the public is considered very negative according to the culture. When you meet a Thai person, it is not advisable to touch their hands to greet them. Instead they put their both palms together and bow down slightly, this is called “wai”. Respect must be given to elders and people with high calibre.

Generally, wai is initially extended by the person on the lower end. The culture is strongly hierarchical. Feet are considered the most lowest and unhygienic part of the body. Therefore, when you sleep you don’t point your feet towards another person’s head, which is considered a very negative gesture.Honesty is a cultural norm of Thailand. Never touch a monk. It is against their culture. Everyone must respect the Thai National Anthem, which is played every day at 0800 and 18000 hrs.

Dos and don’ts:

  • Do take off shoes whenever you enter a Thai house or a temple.
  • Always dress modestly as social status is often determined by clothing
  • Always address people with their first name and add Khun title before it.
  • Never touch a monk, especially if you are a female. They are forbidden to have physical contacts especially with women.
  • Don’t talk ill about the Royal family any time.
  • Never touch someone’s head.
  • Don’t show affection in public
  • Stop to respect while the National Anthem is played
    Thai cuisines:
    Thai cuisines are considered one of the most famous food items. Generally Thai food is prepared lightly with strong aromatic components. In each dish you can feel 3 -5 fundamental taste senses such as sour, salty, bitter, sweet and spicy. Most of the time the ingredients used are for medicinal purpose. The dishes are prepared with a lot of attention to details as the presentation itself like colour, texture paly important part of the Thai food preparation. 
  • Visit to the capital:
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