Tips For Renting An Apartment

Are you looking for an apartment to rent? The struggle is real! When it comes to finding an apartment, there is so many obstacles one has to face. As a college student and worker in a foreign land, I had to face many tests and trials when it came to apartments. There was even an unfortunate time, when I had to spend the night in my car because my condo owner wouldn’t let me in past “HER TRAFFIC” time. Oh! The difficulties I faced, has lead me into writing this article with some tips to renting an apartment or condo.


When looking for a place to rent, don’t ever settle for something much below your standards. It is only going to make it hard for you to live there in the long term. It is okay to compromise on a few things but don’t ever make the mistake of thinking you will be able to compromise and rent out the place. Only to find that you are not satisfied and need to look for a change. So make sure that you research for all thee available apartments or condos within the proximity of your desired location. Make a list of all the apartments or condos and make it a point to visit each and every one of them before deciding on one.


Especially when you are going for a long term rental in Phuket it is important that you have good neighbours. Even if it is for short term, neighbours play an important role in how pleasing your apartment or condo life is. Make sure to talk to a few of the immediate neighbours before renting out the premises. You can also ask about the apartment or condo and its tenants from retail stores in the vicinity. It will give you a broader idea of what you can expect form your future neighbours.


This is especially relevant if you are renting out a condo. Since apartments are owned by entities who have set rules and regulations and don’t get too nosy into the tenant’s affairs. Condos on the other hand, have the owner living in the same condo. Which can be a major drawback if the owner is a nosy person. You would lose your peace of mind and the owners also tend to find mistakes in how we treat “their home”. So you may want to check on the personality of your owner if he/she lives in the same place. This tip is also relevant to those looking to rent studio apartments for maybe musical purposes.


Finding a good place for rent has actually become a scarce reality. With many problems being faced by tenants all around the globe. However, there are renowned companies that rent out apartments at nominal prices which may be especially advantageous to you. So make sure to keep these tips in mind before renting an apartment or condo!